May, 2021
How To

Congratulations! your are now the official keeper of the seeds that were shared with you. It’s now your turn to reproduce them and protect this variety from disappearing. Study your variety, get to it, learn about its origin, how to ended up in your hands, how it used grow, under what climatic


Storing seeds is not as hard as it sounds. They just need a dark, cold and dry place to live longer. The best way to keep your seeds is in the freezer, put them in a small container, with cotton to absorb water excess and don’t forget to tag them with the passport included!


Are you ready you grow your seed library? Find orphan varieties in need of savers through the Seed Soup. Every time a Seed Teller harvests new seeds, they register them on the online platform for new people to adopt into their libraries. That way our seedbank is not established in few places, but rather it is spread throughout many households in the area.